What is a Woman?

When violence against women was legal ‘Woman’ was classed as an adult human female.

When women were allowed to be payed less ‘Woman’ was classed as an adult human female.

When they were burning witches based on the fact that ‘Women are closer to the devil’. Woman was classed as an adult human female.

Even today all over the world in countries where women are still the legal property of males ‘Woman’ is classed as an adult human female

Yet when males decide they want to come into womens spaces suddenly ‘Woman’ is classed as an identity

When males want to compete in womens sports ‘Woman’ is classed as an identity

When males want to take spaces meant to increase womens participation in politics ‘Woman’ is classed as an identity

Why dont we just cut to the chase and change the definiton to Woman means what ever is convenient to and most benefits males at any particular time

In fact the whole time that ‘Woman’ has meant adult human female it has been used to the detriment of adult human females to keep us oppressed. Yet now we want to claim that word for ourselves, now we are breaking ground using ‘Woman’ for something that might actually empower us all of a sudden males want in on it and it is classed as an identity. The split second the word ‘Woman’ might be used for something that might empower adult human females rather than oppress us suddenly we are not allowed that word any more. ‘Woman’ is only allowed to mean adult human female if it is being used in ways that will oppress us. The minute it might empower us or at the very least free us from our oppression suddenly it becomes a free for all


What was between your legs was important when they were deciding who can vote, when they were allowing people to work or not, when they were deciding how much to pay people. When they were forcing people into a life of domestic servitude that allowed rape and violence depending on it

But now all of a sudden when women are making political gains and rising up against this suddenly what is between your legs:

Is irrelevant
Is no ones business
Is bigotry to even ask
is not important

Funny how what is between your legs is only important if men can benefit from it in someway

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