Stop cutting me into little pieces!

I am a human being first and foremost with a female reproductive system.

I will not separate myself from my body. My female reproductive system is just a part of me.

I will not separate myself or my culture and history from my reproductive system.

Stop trying to separate me from parts of myself or trying to make out that by simply acknowledging them as parts of myself I am reducing myself to them, thats ridiculous.

I am a whole woman, even if I have my uterus removed, I still have female biology, my body is a part of my womanness and a woman is a human being first and foremost.

My mind and heart are not separate from my reproductive system. Stop separating my humanness and my human rights from my biology. Stop cutting me into little pieces!

6 Abuse Tactics Used by the Trans Movement

What we are basically looking at with trans activism is a macrocosm of an abusive relationship with a psychopath or a narcissist. It has all the traits.

The trans movement is being collectively abusive to the collective woman and then doing a reversal by accusing women of the exact thing that they are doing.

Lesbians who refuse penises are called vagina fetishists ignoring the fact that women are whole human beings with a culture and a history and a whole reproductive system that can produce new life and that lesbians are attracted to other women as human beings with a shared experience.

In fact it is the trans movement who are the fetishists in the form of autogynephilia

If we have real concerns or try to challenge anything we are accused of being crazy or that our views are irrelevant or silly.

People say things like they dont understand why females have a problem with trans ‘women’ in their spaces because trans ‘women’ are women. Completely ignoring the fact that trans ‘women’ are actually biological males and that there are many reasons why women may not feel safe with a biological male in their spaces, especially in changing rooms where they are in a state of undress. It is massively gaslighting women to make out it is irrational for us to not want biological males in our spaces.

“Gaslighters conduct psychological manipulation toward individuals and groups through persistent distortion of the truth, with the intention of causing their victims to question themselves and feel less confident. In personal and/or professional environments, they manipulate by micromanaging (controlling) relationships, including telling others how they should think, feel, and behave under the gaslighter’s unreasonable restrictions and scrutiny. They often become critical, angry, intimidating, and/or hostile toward those who fail to bow down to their directives. Gaslighter manipulation is often highly aggressive, with punitive measures (tangible or psychological) executed toward those who fail to recognize and obey their self-perceived authority.” Psychology Today – sound familiar

We are told how to think feel and behave in the following ways:

We are told we have to believe trans women are women

WE are told we have to be open to dating trans people

We are told we have to feel comfortable with men in women only spaces even when our bodies tell us different and even if we are survivors of rape

We are told we have to feel ok having sex with someone with a penis even if we are lesbians

We are told disagreeing is committing actual violence when it isn’t

We are told we have to say peoples pronouns even if we fundamentally disagree with them.

Trying to get as many movements and groups onside to gang up against the collective woman. This is done through lies that if we object to trans politics we are racist, homophobic, right wing, Trump supporting bigots when many of us are lesbians, many of us are black, many of us are disabled and the vast majority are left wing and cannot stand Trump

Outright lying
i.e. Implying women have committed actual violence against them when there is not one recorded incident and in fact they are the violent ones.

There are hundreds if not thousands of quote online referring to killing and torturing terfs and not one by women calling for violence against trans people. We are told misgendering is actual violence. Not least that a 60 year old woman named Maria Maclachclan was actually punched in the face by a man who was bragging on social media about ‘punching terfs’ just for attending a meeting about womens rights.

Boundary Violation
Not letting women have their own spaces or even thought and feelings without being present and telling us what we should be thinking and feeling.

Emotional Blackmail
Saying we should submit to them because otherwise they will commit suicide. A classic abuse tactic

Open Letter to Stonewall

Open Letter to Stonewall

Dear Ruth Hunt
Remove the L from LGBT

We demand that Stonewall removes lesbians from the list of groups you claim to represent as a national LGBT organisation. Since its foundation, Stonewall has rarely represented our interests. Now, in your single-minded campaign to promote the trans political and ideological agenda, you not only fail to represent us, but you actually promote lesbian invisibility – and lesbian erasure.

Lesbians are biological women who are sexually attracted to, and have sexual and emotional relationships with other biological women, only. Being a lesbian is primarily about sexuality: it is a same-sex attraction. Stonewall no longer accepts this basic, socially-accepted definition of lesbians. In fact it defines homosexuality as ‘attraction to the same gender,’ not biological sex.

As a consequence you support the absurd idea that male-bodied persons can be lesbians, and you demand that they be accepted as such by actual lesbians. If we refuse to accept these men as lesbians you label us transphobes and “TERFs”, unleashing a torrent of hate speech upon us from your supporters.

The vast majority of biological males who self-identify as lesbians retain their penises. So Stonewall is not only promoting hate crime against lesbians, but imposing compulsory heterosexuality on lesbians.

Stonewall does not recognise or represent the many young women who reject conventional feminine stereotypes in appearance and sex roles, and who become lesbians at puberty. Instead you support the trans argument that many gender non-conforming lesbians must really be men, born with “male brains” in the “wrong body”.

This outdated definition of lesbians was first promoted by male sexologists at the end of the 19th century. It has now become the dominant narrative. In the absence of alternative information, young women are stigmatised and bullied into taking on a male identity, rather than being healthy young lesbians. As one young woman told the Lesbian Rights Alliance, ‘there was no one who looked like me or acted like me who I could turn to as a role model.’

In your support for trans ideology you are literally erasing young lesbians, telling them they must mutilate their own female bodies to impersonate men and appear to be heterosexual. In 2016-2017 female adolescents comprised over 70% of young people seeking to transition at the Gender Identity Development clinics, the majority of whom are attracted to their own sex.
In your educational programmes for schools you claim to address homophobic bullying, but none of your school materials represent gender non-conforming young lesbians.

For the few lesbians who have managed to escape lesbian conversion to trans and joined LBGT groups at college or university, they are often told that they should not use the term ‘lesbian’ since it is too ‘exclusive’. Instead they must define themselves as ‘queer,’ which means in practice that they must be open to having sexual relationships with men.

You also misrepresent the suicide statistics, claiming that young, transgender people are the most likely to attempt suicide. This is untrue: in fact young lesbians are the group most likely to attempt suicide, which is unsurprising, since they have become the most stigmatised group out of all LGB people.
According to your website, Stonewall has an income of over £7 million in 2018. You also support numerous LGBT groups and LGBT youth groups around the country. Women-only and lesbian-only space is crucially important to lesbians in the development of our lesbian lives and lesbian community. Yet as far as we are aware you have not supported a single lesbian-only youth group, or supported lesbian-only groups of any kind.

It is clear that being ‘stronger together’ in Stonewall does not include lesbians. So we urge you to stop claiming to represent us and leave the L out.

The Lesbian Rights Alliance

Lesbian Rights Alliance – signatories to Open letter to Stonewall

Lynne Harne (founder member – Lesbian Rights Alliance)

Elaine Hutton (founder member – Lesbian Rights Alliance)

Liane Timmermann

Julia Long

Anne Ruzylo

Georgia Constantinou

Zoi Lleshi

Sara Cohen

Linda Bellos OBE

Dawn Smith

Juliana Brustik

Sarah Masson (Get the L Out)

Angela C. Wild (Get the L Out)

Lauren Worth (Young London Lesbian Group)

Sheila Jeffreys, (Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne)

Paula Boulton, (founder of Corby Women’s Centre, Lesbian Visibility 2000)

Val Dunn

Vivienne Roberts

Kathryn Nicholson

Anne Bardon

Olive Chapman

Krys Farrell

Alice Bondi

Lynn Alderson

Sue Leigh

Lee Nurse

Jacqueline Gullion

Maureen O’Hara

Sabine Ingeborg

Elizabeth Carola

Dr Tessa Bernstein

Sheida Pirouz

Mary Harper

Sarah Carlin

Jess Silverstone

Ellie Hollan

J. Gourley

Cllr. Louise Paine

Deborah Evans

Rebecca Heath

Annette Mckay

Jane Allen

Eve Sutafam

Jennifer Drew

Catherine Harper

Joy Vann

Daisy Jones

Cloud Taylor

Gerdien Baker

Barbara Hughes

May Mundt-Leach

Susan King

Julie Moss

Jane Hutton

Teresa Hope

Maggi Knowles

Toni Meredew

Lynne Keys

Marian Davis

Anne-Marie Speed

Ruth Todd

Vivien Care

Jennifer Cooper

Lin Harwood

Frances Gillard

Barbara Hartley

Jackie Mearns

Kate Graham

Helen Warwick

Heather Ford

Carol Smith

Katherine Cohn

Kathleen Richardson

Carole Reeves

Olivia Palmer

Isha Todd

Kate Coleman

Nic Mainwood

Sarah Stewart

Fatina Lisa

Joy Sturgess

Jill Leigh

Emma Thomas

Pam Isherwood

Charlotte Edwards

Louise Bond

Anna Rommel

Sharon Dixon

Margaret Page

Eliza Hayward

Nicola Shaw

Sandra McNeill

Jess Fleetham

Josephine Bartosch (Critical Sisters)

Jodie Wood

S. Sharkey

Magdalen Berns

Anne Mayne

Ceri Dyke

Kathryn Zoechild


Lesbian Allies

Stephanie Davies-Arai

Heather Brunskell-Evans

Ann Sinnott

Ruth Serwotka

Jayne Edgerton

Sas Payne

Nicola Kerry

Cathy Devine

Jacky Holyoake


Abigail Elizabeth Rowland

Karen Broady

Emma Dolan

Bethany Pulman

Ali Bee

Dr Lesley Semmens

Julie Furlong

Emma Salmon

Diane Jones

Julie Armstrong

Hazel Turner-Lyons

Radha Burgess

Lynne Caffrey

Ann Morch

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull

Jilly Hickinbotham

Julian Vigo

Leonora Christina

Ruth Conlock

Dianne Vine

Emma Flynn

Sian Henry

Jan Pemberton

Catherine Muller

Jane Galloway

Eliza Self

Elizabeth Miln

Adele Williams (Women’s Voices Matter)

Darina Roche-Kiang

Tina Reynolds

Helen Watts

Amy Desir

Celia Wangler

Marion Calder

Emma Wilkes

Hannah Roberts

Hannah Thompson

Jeni Harvey

Julie Moss









Prayers and Chanting to Protect Womens Human Rights

Dear Sisters,
The consultation for the Gender Recognition Act is already upon us and women are already doing amazing work. Our movement is gaining momentum every day and we need to take our power back in as many ways as possible.

There are many parallels between the trans attack on women and the witch hunts. The main difference is that last time around women were demonised for gathering together and exercising spiritual power. Whether you believe in spirituality or not it cannot be denied that women gathering together to pray and dance chant is powerful or the patriarchy would not have worked so hard to prevent it.

A woman named Ani Marimba said that ‘Culture is the immune system of a people’ Whilst our womens culture alone will not protect us from patriarchy it can be a powerful tool in giving us strength, hope and solidarity.

Not only this but much of womens spirituality is and was centred around the connection of our bodies to the rest of the universe. Womens menstrual cycles being in line with the 13 moons. To celebrate our bodies link with the universe is a radical act in times when we are being made to deny our biology.

This is for all women of all faiths, all spiritualities, all beliefs. Even if you are not spiritual or religious you can take this time to connect with other women, Light a candle, take time to meditate and reflect on the work you are doing to protect women.

JOIN US on the new moon partial solar eclipse of Friday the 13th.

Please share this with your contacts Please use your own prayers or if you are not sure what to do you can chant the Gayatri mantra:

“Gayatri is the Mother of all scriptures (Vedas). She is present, wherever Her name is chanted. She is very powerful. The One who nourishes the individual being is Gayatri. She bestows pure thoughts on anyone who worships Her. She is the embodiment of all Goddesses. Our very breath is Gayatri, our faith in existence is Gayatri. Gayatri has five faces, they are the five life principles. She has nine descriptions, they are ‘Om, Bhur, Bhuvah, Swah, Tat, Savitur, Vareñyaṃ, Bhargo, Devasya’. Mother Gayatri nourishes and protects every being and she channelizes our senses in the proper direction. ‘Dhīmahi’ means meditation. We pray to her to inspire us with good intelligence. ‘Dhīyo Yonah Prachodayāt’ – We beseech her to bestow on us everything we need. Thus Gayatri is a complete prayer for protection, nourishment and finally, liberation.”

[‘My Dear Students’, Vol 3, Ch 2, Mar 19, 1998]

The actual eclipse is at 3am GMT. If there are any women able to chant at this time also that will be great.