6 Abuse Tactics Used by the Trans Movement

What we are basically looking at with trans activism is a macrocosm of an abusive relationship with a psychopath or a narcissist. It has all the traits.

The trans movement is being collectively abusive to the collective woman and then doing a reversal by accusing women of the exact thing that they are doing.

Lesbians who refuse penises are called vagina fetishists ignoring the fact that women are whole human beings with a culture and a history and a whole reproductive system that can produce new life and that lesbians are attracted to other women as human beings with a shared experience.

In fact it is the trans movement who are the fetishists in the form of autogynephilia

If we have real concerns or try to challenge anything we are accused of being crazy or that our views are irrelevant or silly.

People say things like they dont understand why females have a problem with trans ‘women’ in their spaces because trans ‘women’ are women. Completely ignoring the fact that trans ‘women’ are actually biological males and that there are many reasons why women may not feel safe with a biological male in their spaces, especially in changing rooms where they are in a state of undress. It is massively gaslighting women to make out it is irrational for us to not want biological males in our spaces.

“Gaslighters conduct psychological manipulation toward individuals and groups through persistent distortion of the truth, with the intention of causing their victims to question themselves and feel less confident. In personal and/or professional environments, they manipulate by micromanaging (controlling) relationships, including telling others how they should think, feel, and behave under the gaslighter’s unreasonable restrictions and scrutiny. They often become critical, angry, intimidating, and/or hostile toward those who fail to bow down to their directives. Gaslighter manipulation is often highly aggressive, with punitive measures (tangible or psychological) executed toward those who fail to recognize and obey their self-perceived authority.” Psychology Today – sound familiar

We are told how to think feel and behave in the following ways:

We are told we have to believe trans women are women

WE are told we have to be open to dating trans people

We are told we have to feel comfortable with men in women only spaces even when our bodies tell us different and even if we are survivors of rape

We are told we have to feel ok having sex with someone with a penis even if we are lesbians

We are told disagreeing is committing actual violence when it isn’t

We are told we have to say peoples pronouns even if we fundamentally disagree with them.

Trying to get as many movements and groups onside to gang up against the collective woman. This is done through lies that if we object to trans politics we are racist, homophobic, right wing, Trump supporting bigots when many of us are lesbians, many of us are black, many of us are disabled and the vast majority are left wing and cannot stand Trump

Outright lying
i.e. Implying women have committed actual violence against them when there is not one recorded incident and in fact they are the violent ones.

There are hundreds if not thousands of quote online referring to killing and torturing terfs and not one by women calling for violence against trans people. We are told misgendering is actual violence. Not least that a 60 year old woman named Maria Maclachclan was actually punched in the face by a man who was bragging on social media about ‘punching terfs’ just for attending a meeting about womens rights.

Boundary Violation
Not letting women have their own spaces or even thought and feelings without being present and telling us what we should be thinking and feeling.

Emotional Blackmail
Saying we should submit to them because otherwise they will commit suicide. A classic abuse tactic

One thought on “6 Abuse Tactics Used by the Trans Movement

  1. Awesome! Thank you for writing this. Sharing on twitter as I’ve been banned from fb AGAIN for a month for comments I made on my own page LAST YEAR! Just by the way, I think you hit the “s” instead of the “a” for Maria’s name.

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