Cultural Genocide

Cultural genocide is a term used to describe the deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of a people or nation for political, military, religious, ideological, ethnical, or racial reasons. (

Women are a people with a shared culture and history.

A shared culture and history that predates all other cultures and dates back to prehistoric times. Goddess figurines depicting a female body are evidence of this.

A shared culture and history of which our biology is just one small part but a part nonetheless.

When our bodies have been made into men’s property this is part of our history.

When we honour our bodies and reclaim spiritualities that worship our bodies this is part of our culture.

When we see our bodies as part of our humanness, as women, not men’s property this is part of our culture.

When we reclaim our bodies rather than have men define them this is a part of our culture and it is part of our healing from the violence inflicted upon our female bodies by patriarchy.

For males to redefine our bodies or ban us from speaking about them, or acknowledging them as a part of us, is cultural genocide. It could also be called cultural femicide or cultural gendercide.

To call female only spaces, rituals and religions, that date back centuries, transphobic is cultural genocide.

To call female elders who have worked for decades protecting women from male violence and who created the women’s spirituality movement, transphobic, and no platform them is cultural genocide.

To cause womens spaces and festivals to close down is cultural genocide.

Lesbians are a people with a culture and a history of which our female bodies are just a small part but a part nonetheless.

To rebrand lesbians throughout history as transgender is cultural genocide.

To say someone with a penis can be a lesbian is cultural genocide.

For males to redefine ‘lesbian’ is cultural genocide

To call lesbian Anne Lister ‘gender non conforming’ instead of a lesbian is cultural genocide