Ode to a Narcissist

Ode to a Narcissist

You craft yourself out of all the best pieces of good people and you wear them like fur coats

Possess them

Pieces that you broke off when you left them broken

You dress yourself in their dead bodies and you hope that no one will notice that their beauty doesnt really come from you

Your home like a museum of stolen artefacts

Your next victims are drawn to all the broken pieces that you cleverly managed to disguise as yourself

You were empty so you filled yourself full of the broken hearts of the people you ruined

You turn them to stone when they see the real you

Lies, within lies, within lies, within lies you hide and they might not see you pulling the strings but they feel your coldness……

and they shiver

Their inability to understand or articulate will not stop them running a million miles from you

Never was a person so loved that cannot feel an ounce of it

People feel their own love reflected and they think it is you

You are a mirror and when your time comes you will crack

Broken Wings

They plucked me down from the sky. They thought I was a pure angel that could come to heal them, to solve their problems. To finally give them the love they needed.

But I wasn’t an angel. I was just a child that needed love and they couldnt love me. They put too much responsibility on me as a small child.

I even tried so hard to build wings for myself so I could be the angel they needed but it didnt work and I broke for I didnt even have the love a small child needs let alone to be an angel.

My wings they broke and I fell from the highest height imaginable and I shattered like glass and cut them all and they cast me out like a demon