Time Travelling

Hey its me your child, I’m back, Im here
Ive been out of my body for 35 years

Why is everyone 30 years older?
Why is everyone so much colder?

Why do you hate me? What have I done?
Where have my grandmother and grandfather gone?

Why can no one remember, what for me was yesterday?
Why does nobody have any words to say?

Why has half my life been stolen?
Why are all my relationships broken?

Why do you look at me like I’m a stranger?
Why when I’m around you do I feel I’m in danger?

I time travelled here from 1985.
I thought I was dead but I’m here I’m alive

Why does nobody care or see me?
Why is everyone so, so angry

Now I’m back I need you mum
Why are you looking at me like I’m dumb?

I know someone hurt me when I was small
but your’e acting like you dont care at all

Why can’t you see me? Areent I real
I need you to help me heal

Dont you love me? Dont you care?
Maybe you are the one who isnt really there