We Have Been Living In A False Economy

I can’t believe how much I have been living in a false economy. Not wanting to buy from local business because its just so much cheaper to buy from the supermarkets. Thinking there is no way i want an extra fiver on my bill or to have to go without a couple of things. Making excuses – I would love to shop local but its just too expensive.

Now having felt the absolute terror of more and more power being in the hands of corporations and more money in the hands of billionaires. Struggling to be able to buy food and the things I need and only being able to talk to a chat robot I realised just how important local businesses are. I have realised that paying that extra fiver and having to go without a few things is actually a bargain.

That extra fiver is buying me the following things:

. Extra security that if the shit hits the fan i will be able to depend on real people i can speak to because i will have supported their business and they will be more likely to still be trading
. Peace of mind that my money isnt going to fund some billionaire’s lavish lifestyle where he could be doing anything including buying prostituted women
. Peace of mind that my money isnt going to people who seek to remove my human rights
. Peace of mind that my money is circulating freely among real people not just sat in some bank account with another billion pounds

That extra fiver is not wasted it is buying me everything. You cant put a price on freedom, security, integrity and peace of mind. Yes it will be a bit of a struggle but lets be realistic here, We live in a western society. Going without a few things hardly means we will starve. its not like I really need that extra chocolate bar. i am so, so commited to this. this is my wake up call. We cant put any more money into the hands of these corporations and billionaires. WE have done this. WE have chosen to hand over our money to them and its time to stop

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